About Us

God has a distinct purpose for Fort Hunt and Southern Alexandria.

God has a distinct purpose for you and every one of us.

Our vision is to obey the truth we presently know and then pursue God’s enduring plans as He reveals them to us. Then, when our assignment intersects your need, we intend to be properly prepared and available to faithfully represent His purpose.

We know that God holds the key to our safety, success and satisfaction. As His agents, we seek to deliver God’s grace and love in effective ways. If God is inspiring you to find a church home or learn more about Him through authentic worship and responsible Bible study, you will want to visit us.

We are a church in transition, looking for where God is leading in 2019 and beyond. Perhaps He is calling you to play a critical role is this transition. You may be the person or have the critical gifts that we need to make more than incremental gains towards His ultimate vision.

Whatever the case, we pray the same for you as we do for everyone – – “God, please reveal Yourself to us in increasingly meaningful ways and give us the faith to obey Your voice and draw closer through Your Spirit.”

If you would like more information about this or anything concerning Belle View Baptist Church, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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